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APEXS, Incorporated is a private company and currently located in Lapu-Lapu Cebu City. Way back from 1994, we started distributing Davis weather monitoring products in the Philippines. We are also leader in weather meteorological products in the Philippines market.

Why choose APEXS, Incorporated?

  • Our expertise in the field is the reason why most of the leading manufacturers of science equipment believed that representing them in the Philippines will help their products to reach the target market.

  • APEXS Incorporated has a long and proud history and emerged as the preferred partner of different colleges, municipal, agriculture, weather enthusiast, universities, etc.
  • We’re inculcated to listen and understand our customers’ requirement before making any decision thus gaining their loyalty and patronage.
  • We provide quality equipment to leading institutions, colleges, universities and hospitals across the country.
  • APEXS Inc was built by people who are passionate and always excited about their work and positively looking about the future to provide the best customer experience.
  • We value our clients. Our vast product line provides our customer flexibility in price point. We always make sure that we offer high quality of products with an affordable price.

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