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2022 DelMonte Phils Preventive/Corrective Maintenance (PM/CM) of 7 Davis Weather Stations

Preventive/Corrective Maintenance (PM/CM) of 7 Davis Weather Stations.

On June 13-16, 2022. Delmonte Phils of Analytics Plantation invited us to work on their 7 Davis Weather Stations for three days of preventive/corrective maintenance (PM/CM).

On the stated date, our technical support Jaymar Anasco was deployed to perform Preventive/Corrective Maintenance (PM/CM) on 7 Davis Weather Stations.

After the troubleshooting and maintenance, we found out that they are still using the usb version or manual of gathering the weather data.

Looking through the past posts, we discovered that they have a 2018 installation.

The most recent installation of seven Davis weather stations for the year 2018 can be found here:

Using automated weather data collection

They are using the Weatherlink USB version from their existing data logger.

Now on the long run they want to use the EnviroMonitor gateway so they can download the weather station data without going to the area of station. 

The EnviroMonitor gateway is the perfect fit for their needs because it collects all important data from your weather station and securely sends it to the Cloud server using LTE cellular connectivity.

And all I can say is that transitioning to a cellular network with the EM Gateway will be much easier for them, and transmission will be automated. There is no need to manually navigate to the AWS location.

During the maintenance, you can view the album photographs here:

Delmonte plantation analytics staff meeting
The following photo was taken with Delmonte Plantation Analytics' personnel during a meeting following the maintenance and troubleshooting of their seven weather stations. They talked about the 7 weather stations' conclusions, remarks, and recommendations. Starting from the left, Ma'am Mitch wearing blue facemask, the Manager of Delmonte Plantation Analytics, and Ma'am Blessel, and Sir Xavier, who is wearing a red jacket, and Jaymar, who is taking the selfie are shown. 

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