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2018 Del Monte Philippines installation of seven (7) Davis Weather Stations

Installation of seven (7) Davis Weather Stations 

2018 Del Monte Philippines installation of seven (7) Davis Weather Stations. 

From the 5th to the 8th of February, 2018. Del Monte Philippines has requested us to install seven (7) Davis weather stations at one of its plantations in Bukidnon.

We have assigned one of our technical personnel to execute the installation in the field with the support of Del Monte team and multiple communications via email and through planning. The installation of seven Davis weather stations in the field was managed by Jaymar Anasco.

Jaymar Anasco has conducted an introduction training and familiarization with the weather station equipment, as seen in the image. He also gave a presentation on how to use the device properly and gather weather data.

They purchased the vantage pro2 plus and the weatherlink USB data logger together. To provide electricity to the vantage pro2 console in distant places when LTE service is limited. They utilize a solar-powered dc shelter box that is powered by a 6v battery.

After checking with our records, Jaymar Anasco handled us the itinerary plan throughout his deployment with the Del Monte Phils.  

 That'll do it for now.  You can email us questions during the event at [email protected].

Please contact us with any further questions.

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