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2022 LGU Panitan Capiz, Davis Weather Station Installation, a RWAN project

LGU Panitan Capiz Davis Weather Station Installation, a RWAN project

On May 19, 2022, We have successfully installed a Davis weather station from LGU of Panitan Capiz.

This is a project of the Rice Watch Action Network (RWAN). Without RWAN's assistance, this activity project will not be completed.

Jaymar Anasco, one of our technical support staff, has been assigned to the installation and setup of the weather station in Batan Aklan. RWAN also gave a new computer processor and monitor to the Panitan Capiz LGU. A new wide monitor is also provided so that they can provide a forecast using the weather station that has been established.

They have a soil moisture and temperature station as well.

Finally, they have a meteorological station and a soil moisture/temperature station.

The data logger used in this setup is a weatherlink USB data logger. Then the USB data logger is connected into the computer and is on 24/7 to give realtime upload to weatherlink cloud.

You can see the picture below as the staff of LGU agriculture, Panitan Capiz

2022 LGU Panitan Capiz Davis Weather Station Installation

More photos from the event may be seen here:

Their embedded weather station is also shown below: 


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