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About APEXS,

We are a company, registered name as Applied Expert Systems and Software Inc. (or as we call our self as APEXS ).

Founded in 1994.

Established on 1995, The Company, Applied Expert Systems and Software, Inc. (APEXS) was formed to bring hi-tech state-of-the art products and services to the Philippine market. The company was incorporated in 1995 in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. We are in the business for almost years.

Company Mission

APEXS Inc. observes the corporate policy of using the latest available technology to promote cost-effective solutions for its customers. Another corporate policy that APEXS, Inc. strongly adheres to is its commitment to total customer satisfaction. Along with this, is the special emphasis on after sales product technical support and staff training.

Our attention to customer feedback and concerns has proven to be a valuable resource for product development and improvement ideas.

Company Profile

Mr. Shel Shannon is the founder and president. The last thirteen years of his employment was as a senior staff employee with Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the company from which he is an early retiree as of September 1994. After many years of overseas employment (including several years in the Philippines), in a number of countries, Mr. Shannon, (a U.S. citizen) and his wife Sophie (a native Cebuana) applied for and were granted a special retiree visa by the Philippine government as investors.

In the Philippines, APEXS, Inc. is the exclusive distributor/manufacturer of the following products: 

  1. DriveRight (Davis Instruments USA) - a microcomputer device that automatically monitors, records and sets limits to driver and vehicle performance. This type of microprocessor-based device is widely used by fleet owners, it is a cost effective tool in vehicle management control  and as a safety device to monitor a driver's performance on the road.
  2. CarChip (Davis Instruments USA) - plugs into the OBDII connector in your car, and  continuously collects and stores data from the car's computer control systems. CarChip Pro  model is an all-in-one engine performance and driving monitor. About the size of a key fob, it's a great way to keep track of your vehicle, and your or others' driving.
  3. Vantage Pro2 Plus and Vantage Vue Weather Station (Davis Instruments USA) – a state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices. Used by thousands of schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world, they're also used in agriculture, industry, research, and by homeowners, expeditions, storm chasers, and government agencies.
    • Our newest wireless weather station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self- contained, easy-to-install system. Vantage Vue gives you all the weather data you need for home use, education, boating and more. Sleek but tough—your outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and starts sending data wirelessly to your console anywhere in your home, school, or business.
  4. Teltonika GPS Tracker (Lithuania) - a state-of-the-art gps tracking systems that provides user to track their vehicles and assets in real time. Features such as Geofencing and real time fuel monitoring are all in the product.
  5. Parallax, Inc. (USA) - In 1993 the original BASIC Stamp was released. The attention of hobbyists and engineers was very evident as they purchased the device to replace larger, expensive control equipment and build projects they could have only dreamed about. The BASIC Stamp's ease of use and useful I/O command's made it easy to connect to motors, sensors, buttons, LCDs and other electronic components.
  6. APEXS V-Count II EL - Our low cost, second generation product is the ideal technology solution for helping newly licensed teenage drivers develop safe driving awareness with the family car. Help parents in monitoring and educating their teenage drivers. Enables vehicle fleet owners, managers and parents to Set, Monitor and Enforce maximum allowed vehicle speed to reduce accident and vehicle maintenance cost. The V-Count has an option that enables the engine to be shut off for 5 minutes when there is an over speed violation.
    • Our new model motor vehicle speed monitoring product (SpeedSpy) does not require any installation wiring. It is simply plugged into a special connector (DLC) located in the cabin of most vehicles manufactured since 1996.
  7. DriveRight Precision Pulse Reference (DPR) - A precision pulse generator specifically designed and manufactured by APEXS, Inc. for Davis Instruments, the manufacturer of DriveRight®. The DPR generates precision pulses to simulate Vehicle Speed Signal (VSS) at 40 km/hr (25mph) at four (4) different selectable pulses per mile (PPM).
  8. Timed Engine Shut-Off (TESO) - For owners of diesel powered and turbo aspirated vehicles, the APEXS TESO will protect and extend the engine life of their diesel and gasoline engines. TESO also monitors the engine coolant and oil pressure and will shut off the engine if a high temperature or low oil pressure condition is detected. To assist in vehicle maintenance scheduling, TESO maintains a permanent record of the engine run and idle times. As of 2005 it has been used in the delivery vehicles of the international courier DHL in the Philippines and we received additional purchase orders in 2007. FedEx has also expressed interest in our product for its delivery vehicles.
Pool of Satisfied Customers. APEXS, Inc. enjoys the confidence of both local and international corporations in terms of the DriveRight. Among the leading local transport and service companies that trust our product are: Filipinas Transport Corporation, Cebu Ace Trucking Corporation, Kimwa Construction & Development Corporation, KCC Warehouse Plaza (General Santos City), Corominas Bus Liner, Gemini Trucking, ACG Transport (San Carlos City), Baysouth Transport Incorporated, Purolator Express Courier of Canada, Primary Structures Corporation and others. Likewise, Sedco Forex International Drilling Inc. for their operations in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, and Australia belong to the pool of our satisfied customers using the DriveRight.

APEXS, Inc. is the official vendor/supplier of DriveRight to the Schlumberger Group of Oilfield Service Companies in Southeast Asia.

We have supplied the Indonesian National Oil Company (VICO) with a turn-key DriveRight Vehicle Monitoring System.

Our company was became an official Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Co. vendor. We have installed the DriveRight Vehicle Monitoring System in their entire fleet of LPG delivery and bulk hauler tanker trucks. The fleet of 600 plus gasoline tanker trucks are candidates for our new GPS based DriveRight Model 600.

Early 3rd quarter of 2012 we were able to supply first 200 units of Vantage Pro2 weather station to Aboitiz Equity Ventures (Thermal Luzon Inc.). This is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through Weather Philippines foundation.

We are proud that these organizations have chosen APEXS, Inc. and our products to meet their hi-tech vehicle safety monitoring and automatic weather station needs.


"Marching Ahead" 

Reaching New Frontiers of potential markets. In the past years of APEXS operations, it has established a breakthrough in capturing the Cebu market. The unprecedented breakthrough in vehicle safety monitoring by the DriveRight™ in Cebu (approximately only 25% of the market) and the Visayas is now spreading in Luzon particularly in Metro Manila where at least 50% of the market is.

In the last quarter of 1996, DriveRight™ units were installed in Petron Oil and Filipinas Shell Oil (we are an official vendor) oil hauler trucks in Pandacan and La Union as part of the continuing safety and monitoring program of Filipinas Transit on a nationwide scale. DM Consunji Inc. (DMCI), one of the largest construction and contracting firms and included in the top 100 corporations in the country, has made similar commitment to equip all (potential of at least 200 units) their transit mixers and service vehicles with the DriveRight™. An initial order of ten (10) units was installed in their Volvo transit mixers towards the end of December 1996.

As of year 2006, we have become the vendor in Southeast Asia of choice for DriveRight, CarChip and Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station products from Davis Instruments.

During Mid-year of 2009, our company had signed an exclusive contract to provide technical support including installation, training and maintenance of Davis DriveRight 600e product to Chevron Geothermal and Chevron Philippines, one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies.

We have also supplied hundreds of CarChip Fleet Pro and DriveRight 600e to NALCO Singapore, a world’s leading water treatment and process improvement company. We are the exclusive supplier to Nalco for Asia Pacific Region and providing non-stop technical support to Nalco's Carchip Fleet Pro end-users such as Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Since 2006 up to the present, our company is still supplying DriveRight 600e products to Schlumberger Thailand, a leading oilfield services provider, trusted to deliver superior results and improved E&P performance for oil and gas companies around the world.

Currently, the Driveright 600e VSS model and Carchip Fleet Pro are now fulfilling the requirements in monitoring vehicles and drivers performances of BJ Well Services Company (Philippines), a leading provider of field development and production enhancement services and has earned a reputation for providing reliable fracturing services for virtually every major shale oil and gas operator.

Our weather monitoring products such as Vantage Pro2 Plus and the award winning Vantage Vue are keep on making its popularity here in the Philippines to some reputable schools and universities such as La Salle, UP, International School of Manila, etc., to government institutions such as Department of Science and technology(DOST), Makati City Hall and National Irrigation Authority(NIA), to some agricultural and plantation company such as IRRI, TADECO, DOLE, GDZ-GTZ, Agrinanas Development Corp.(del Monte Fresh), Bayer Crop Science, Aboitiz Equity Ventures(Thermal Luzon Inc.), etc., and some major mining companies such as FCF Minerals, PhilexMining, GreenStone Resources Corporation, Coral Bay Nickel, etc.


Product Development

As a part of APEXS' commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction and Value added engineering, we are in the initial stage of venturing into a "confidential disclosure and manufacturing agreement" with one of our principal supplier in the USA regarding our very own product innovations and re-engineering. Our principal has communicated a very high enthusiasm about this project.

We have designed and are currently marketing our own Motor Vehicle Safety and Monitoring Products.

As of year 2012, we have sales partnerships in Nigeria, Bolivia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Ecuador, Singapore, USA and Philippines as well.


About APEXS Incorporated

Just to let you know that we started our online presence by lunching our first ever website It was registered on year 2000 April 28. 

As of year 2021, we have realized that we need to change our website name and align it with the company name. That's the reason we have launch the company website

The reason behind for this is to NOT confuse anyone with the name between apexvalue and apexsinc.
Now, we will be using as our shopping cart and as our company website.