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Why and what is APEXS to us

Why, What, APEXS?

You may have heard the word APEXS before. But this time, I will tell you the true meaning of our company name APEXS.

APEXS: Why and what is APEXS to us

As you can see, letter abbreviation AP stands for Applied and the letter E stands for Expert.

It will come with the output of its name as APEX.

Way back from the time that we discovered, APEX company is already registered.

If you look at the brand name. There's so many APEX company out there.

Now, we come to the name of APEXS by including the Systems as it include twin letter S.

The company name is Applied Expert Systems and Software Incorporated.

The company name is too long.

That's the reason we come up with the business name alias or also known as (a.k.a) APEXS.

Right now, there are many meaning from the word APEXS out there.

But we believed that this is what our company name should be used. We use this alias (a.ka) word as our company short name.

APEXS stands for Applied Expert Systems and Software Incorporated.

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